8 May 2023

Added link to City of Boston "Protocols for Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs in Multiunit Housing"

13 December 2022

Added link to Parents' Guide to Computer Crimes and Internet Safety

3 August 2022

Added links to scam information sites

17 June 2022

Added link to Internet Safety Guide

23 April 2022

Removed broken links from Misc. Links and added new link to "Your College Student's Credit Future."

29 March 2022

Updated COVID information on Home page. Added link to How to Buy a House When You Have Student Loan Debt; added link to Internet Smarts: Surfing and Shopping Safely Online.  Updated copyright notices. 

28 September 2021

Added links to Housing Navigtor and Homeowner Bliss websites.

25 June 2021

Added link to the federal Emergency Rental Assistance program.

14 March 2021

Added link to the office of Cong. Jake Auchincloss, updated scams page, updated copyright notices, other minor revisions.