22 March 2017

Added information on IRS scam.

15 March 2017

Added page Beware of These Scams.

2 November 2016

Added revised edition of What to Do When the Heat Goes Off.

18 October 2016

Added link to Water Damage Advisor

3 September 2016

Changed header design and address following office move.

28 June 2016

Added link to "Credit Card and Identity Fraud" article

2 September 2015

Added revised edition of Moving Tips for Tenants.

19 August 2015

Added link to Moving Tips within Massachusetts on Department of Public Utilities website  and  link to federal "Protecting Your Move" website for interstate moving.

24 June 2015

Added link to Real Mens Wallet advice on protection from credit card fraud and identity theft.

17 June 2015

Added revised edition of How to be a Landlord and Avoid Legal Trouble and How to be a Tenant and Avoid Getting Ripped Off.

22 April 2015

Added Being a Tenant in a Foreclosed Property and Tenants and Domestic Violence.

8 April 2015

Added revised version of Charging Tenants for Water.

6 January 2015

Added link to newly-elected Congressman Seth Moulton .